knock knock

You deserve to be happy

Dance like no one is looking when you know they are and all think you are insane

Be crazy

express yourself

leave out the apostophies and commas

no full stops

live continuously

live loud

even in your silence

be you

Do your God given thing

Just do you

And i know its hard

No one has a formula for it

No one has it mastered

So don’t consult anyone but your creator

Only the manufacturer knows your inner workings

You are precious

You are special

You are worth more than all the wealth in the world

So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

God loves you!

Do you understand that?

He who created all the things you see and feel and hear in all their wonder

He who made you and everyone around you

He who is that powerful and mighty

Loves each and every single one you

And knows you

Wants to help you all

Wants to help us

He did help us

Gave us his only son Jesus who died for our sins

So just take the chance

Accept this Jesus that you may have heard about

Accept the free gift of salvation

And get to know Him

He will amaze you

With His mercy and understanding

Cause He was here like us

Lived the life we live as a human

So he gets it

Its hard to live out loud

But Jesus can help us

Let Him in

Honest takers

If you find yourself searching

For who you are

Your destiny

Looking for a place to fit in

You are not ready to have their heart

If you don’t know what you want in life

How can you know who you want

Don’t take their heart

Cause you’re too careless to handle it

You will drop it

And when it breaks

All you can say is sorry

But it wont stop the heartache

Who are you

To go around

Leaving scars on people’s souls

Who do you think you are

Trying people out

Like they are outfits

And returning them after you get the look you want

You don’t know how it feels

To have your heart ripped out

Stomped on

Shot at

And then given back to you

Expecting that it will fit again

When it cant

Its oedemic



So be careful

Whose heart you hold

And who you give your heart to

Cause those butterflies you feel in the beginning

May turn into bullets

The sound of angels t seeing them

Into nails on a board

So if you are honest with yourself

Don’t proclaim love

Its just


Don’t take their heart


I often feel the need to hide from you

Public eye

i wont reveal myself to you

Judging world

Because if you see the intensity of my emotions

The hunger in my soul for acceptance

The thought behind every smile on my lips

I’m afraid that you wouldn’t treat me the same

And you wont

Cause though you read this

Though you maybe be a friend of mine and think you know me

No one fully knows another

And through my slumber

I see a world where i can be who i am with everyone i meet

But wake up to find it non existant

So i keep my layers to myself

Hoping that someone will come along

The selected few perhaps

That i can show it all to

The good and bad

Screwed up, sad

Happy, high

Hidden me

And as i wait

And contemplate

The depth of an individual

I grow glad, knowing that with all the people iv met, i have only scratched the surface

There is more to see, explore, find out

No one is one dimentional

And that is the most beautiful thing God gave us, i think

The gift of being ourselves

So to you all out there

Thanks for letting me see some layers

And for being acquantances or strangers

My friends on social networks and in life

My family

You are the ones that make life beautiful and fun, show the right people who you are, and they will love you. Show them.


You love hard , you love for real.
I look at you and see its true and at your request I write this for you.
Came into my life as a friend turned lover.
While I was in it, I admit that it seemed like for ever.
The way you would look at me, makes me want to fall back into your heart. Your special, so full of emotion, its your strength, don’t change.
Even when you cry, those tears are strong.
Because you care enough to shows ur feelings, your not afraid of them like everyone else.
You ,in you I see a great man, with or without a woman.
You need to be complete in yourself before you let just anyone in.
And if you find anyone, the person should deserve you, no or deserves the pain uv been through. And though sorry is just a word.
I won’t stop saying it.
And everytime ur sad, I’m paying for it. Your too kind and easy going, I don’t know a person who will ever be good enough to deserve your love.


In the silence I hear
Your voice is so clear
And I know you expect the unexpected
From me

Even as a young child
I would keep myself hidden
Worried about opinions
It soon became a habit
And I was static

The words came slowly
Form two as an outlet
Rap battles for nothing
First chick in it

Didn’t last
Its not a wonder
It wasn’t under your cover
Back then I was a lover of the world
But you loved me

As the spark
Into a flame
It was church dramas, youth camps and conferences
These made me more comfortable in front of an audience

But I found myself seeking my own fame

Taking inspiration from artists
Wanting to make my own record
Not hating on aspirations I get it
Feeling myself so highly
Yet you where yet to make a dent

Performing for my glory
So all the people know me
But its not the end of the story

I’m just starting a new chapter
Not holding onto the wheel
And after all the laughter
And Pastors
Is it for real
Because my heart tells me to serve
And my mind is asking where

Am I special enough to have my own sector

But that’s just it then
The ego trip I wanna avoid
This rap thing
And all it connotes makes me annoyed
Can I be a Christian
And still rap well
Can I be the exception, that girl who never fell
Only God can tell

So I write this down
As I keep writing
I refuse to form a part of the masses
That fall for the “me, me” scam

Its not me
Its not me
I am just the horn that He blows
I am just the painting He shows
I am the pen he uses to write words in my soul
And with out God I am nothing
Not stunting
Not anything
Because I am a clay vessel
And He is the precious liquid within me
He is the Potter that made me
Molded me not to the thing of this world
But in His image
For His pleasure
I am out of control
But God has got me<code Continue reading “First”