You love hard , you love for real.
I look at you and see its true and at your request I write this for you.
Came into my life as a friend turned lover.
While I was in it, I admit that it seemed like for ever.
The way you would look at me, makes me want to fall back into your heart. Your special, so full of emotion, its your strength, don’t change.
Even when you cry, those tears are strong.
Because you care enough to shows ur feelings, your not afraid of them like everyone else.
You ,in you I see a great man, with or without a woman.
You need to be complete in yourself before you let just anyone in.
And if you find anyone, the person should deserve you, no or deserves the pain uv been through. And though sorry is just a word.
I won’t stop saying it.
And everytime ur sad, I’m paying for it. Your too kind and easy going, I don’t know a person who will ever be good enough to deserve your love.


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