Honest takers

If you find yourself searching

For who you are

Your destiny

Looking for a place to fit in

You are not ready to have their heart

If you don’t know what you want in life

How can you know who you want

Don’t take their heart

Cause you’re too careless to handle it

You will drop it

And when it breaks

All you can say is sorry

But it wont stop the heartache

Who are you

To go around

Leaving scars on people’s souls

Who do you think you are

Trying people out

Like they are outfits

And returning them after you get the look you want

You don’t know how it feels

To have your heart ripped out

Stomped on

Shot at

And then given back to you

Expecting that it will fit again

When it cant

Its oedemic



So be careful

Whose heart you hold

And who you give your heart to

Cause those butterflies you feel in the beginning

May turn into bullets

The sound of angels t seeing them

Into nails on a board

So if you are honest with yourself

Don’t proclaim love

Its just


Don’t take their heart


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