I often feel the need to hide from you

Public eye

i wont reveal myself to you

Judging world

Because if you see the intensity of my emotions

The hunger in my soul for acceptance

The thought behind every smile on my lips

I’m afraid that you wouldn’t treat me the same

And you wont

Cause though you read this

Though you maybe be a friend of mine and think you know me

No one fully knows another

And through my slumber

I see a world where i can be who i am with everyone i meet

But wake up to find it non existant

So i keep my layers to myself

Hoping that someone will come along

The selected few perhaps

That i can show it all to

The good and bad

Screwed up, sad

Happy, high

Hidden me

And as i wait

And contemplate

The depth of an individual

I grow glad, knowing that with all the people iv met, i have only scratched the surface

There is more to see, explore, find out

No one is one dimentional

And that is the most beautiful thing God gave us, i think

The gift of being ourselves

So to you all out there

Thanks for letting me see some layers

And for being acquantances or strangers

My friends on social networks and in life

My family

You are the ones that make life beautiful and fun, show the right people who you are, and they will love you. Show them.


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