knock knock

You deserve to be happy

Dance like no one is looking when you know they are and all think you are insane

Be crazy

express yourself

leave out the apostophies and commas

no full stops

live continuously

live loud

even in your silence

be you

Do your God given thing

Just do you

And i know its hard

No one has a formula for it

No one has it mastered

So don’t consult anyone but your creator

Only the manufacturer knows your inner workings

You are precious

You are special

You are worth more than all the wealth in the world

So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

God loves you!

Do you understand that?

He who created all the things you see and feel and hear in all their wonder

He who made you and everyone around you

He who is that powerful and mighty

Loves each and every single one you

And knows you

Wants to help you all

Wants to help us

He did help us

Gave us his only son Jesus who died for our sins

So just take the chance

Accept this Jesus that you may have heard about

Accept the free gift of salvation

And get to know Him

He will amaze you

With His mercy and understanding

Cause He was here like us

Lived the life we live as a human

So he gets it

Its hard to live out loud

But Jesus can help us

Let Him in


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