We humans look
Not just with our eyes
But with our fingers
Our minds
We search to the ends of the earth
For answers, something to complete us.
Not realizing
Not knowing or caring
That the creater
Who made us
Made us in His perfection
With one space
One piece of the puzzle
That if found
If put in the right place
Will complete us forever.
That piece is Him
And you may not relate to this right now
But I’m sure one day you will.
When nothing makes sense
When you are sad for no reason
When life makes you realize
That you can trust no one
Your parents
Far from u
You feel hollow.

God said you will find him if you seek Him with your whole heart
Your whole heart
That part of you that no one knows
Or understands
Even you
It leads you to bad situations
Ends up taking you further than you want to go
But give it all to God
Fully abandon to the one who is the only unchanging being in the whole universe
Why suffer any longer
Let go

So stop looking for completion
And look for the completer
Seek God
Seek Jesus

The truth never changes
Whether you believe it or not
I will not stop saying this
Writing this
Typing this
Because i have to
Its my responsibility
As a clay jar
To be poured
For Him

So look for the right thing
And God will fix the rest.

Over the years

When you look at me Lord
Do you still see those innocent eyes
That looked up at you 20 years ago as you knitted me together

Do you see the years that have gone past and how this flower has bloomed and now has thorns

I know
I was created in your image
Fearfully and wonderfully made
Great are your works
But do you see me the same

You hold my future, you have erased the sins of my past
I am still your child
You love me

I just want to know
Why didn’t you stop me all those times I went astray
Whether it was self discovery or stupidity
Why didn’t you pull me back immediately

Your ways are mysterious
But I am grateful that I have gone this far

And though feel the change that comes with being human and making mistakes over the years
I know that I will always be your child
Your live towards me unlimited, unconditional and ever lasting

Thank you


I need a man
Someone I can count on
Who will be there for me
Through thick and thin
And all that is in between

I need a strong heart
A person who knows himself
Knows what he wants
Knows where he is going
And has a plan to get there

I need someone who is sincere
Won’t lie to protect me
Won’t take short cuts
Will stand for truth
For what he believes in.

I need someone who believes in me
Will encourage me
Won’t let me settle for less than I deserve

I need a friend
I need a partner

I need a man after God’s heart
Because even if you have all these good qualities it won’t matter
If we don’t share the same beliefs

I am not up for changing anyone
I need a changed man

That man who sought God before me
Who is led by God not his senses
Who is a worshiper
In love with Jesus

But I need to be ready
Because such a man doesn’t come to the undeserving
I need to be to him what I,need from him

A woman with a strong heart
Supportive , sincere
A friend, after God’s heart.
In love with Jesus

So since I’m not there yet
I’m not ready for all that
Then I don’t need a man.

Its not a need.