I need a man
Someone I can count on
Who will be there for me
Through thick and thin
And all that is in between

I need a strong heart
A person who knows himself
Knows what he wants
Knows where he is going
And has a plan to get there

I need someone who is sincere
Won’t lie to protect me
Won’t take short cuts
Will stand for truth
For what he believes in.

I need someone who believes in me
Will encourage me
Won’t let me settle for less than I deserve

I need a friend
I need a partner

I need a man after God’s heart
Because even if you have all these good qualities it won’t matter
If we don’t share the same beliefs

I am not up for changing anyone
I need a changed man

That man who sought God before me
Who is led by God not his senses
Who is a worshiper
In love with Jesus

But I need to be ready
Because such a man doesn’t come to the undeserving
I need to be to him what I,need from him

A woman with a strong heart
Supportive , sincere
A friend, after God’s heart.
In love with Jesus

So since I’m not there yet
I’m not ready for all that
Then I don’t need a man.

Its not a need.


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