That fine line

My dear, there are many fine little lines in this life I tell you. Many.

that one between love and obsession.
or what we humans define as love.
when he is all you think about
day in and out
all you want is to be with him
around him
by his side
ur obsessed not in love
love is his interests before yours
love is sacrifice. Will you make that sacrifice?

that other line between your thoughts and your actions
between what you see and what you imagine
what is real and what you want to be real

tell me love
when you analyze all they do
and calculate it in your head
what is the conclusion
what is the solution to the equation that you put them in
expecting that these random, unlikely variables, will some how give you a sign, a symptom, a glimpse of what you wanted, what you needed

and there is another line
want and need
you want to, you don’t need to
you need to, but you can’t seem o make yourself go through with it

buy you must cross that line sweetie
you have to


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