About you

I said I wouldn’t
I know I shouldn’t
but allow me to get this off my chest
I have been admiring you for so long
from a far since the day we met
and all the serendipity
its killing me
cause I feel like we are the same person

but you suck though
you really do
are you an idiot
or are you just clueless
I love you

so the similarities
the smiles
the glances
all that and all the while
you see nothing in me
I’m basically screaming it out
though I try to keep my cool when you are around

your so cool
that walk
you are the first guy I have known to actually have swag
and not say it
its amazing
you amaze me
damn though you do

and its weird
how my opinion about you changes so much
as so often
this inconsistency
is constant
it ebbs and flows
like water
I guess its not love
its water.

but I need water to survive
not you
it can’t be water
its juice


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