natural revolution

When I was younger I always wanted to be another race. Nappy hair was never the in thing. Rather be that Indian chick with the long flowing ebony locks touching my lower back. Or that Caucasian with the blond waterfall from scalp to skin of neck or forearm. But that was never me, the God lord thought better. Everytime I tried to straighten it would just hang in the air, never fall back as if expecting something. Better things from me? I don’t know. And I don’t know when it got into a young black girls head that her hair was ment to be straight, call it colonial influence, subliminal, or not, messages from the air waves. I don’t know. And its sad to say that It got me, relaxed at maybe 10 and it was cool for a while, but my hair never satisfied my desires. Always too short,not thick enough, not the right color. I judged myself. Dont get me wrong,I’m not hating on you for relaxing ur hair, guy or chick. No hate for the weavers, Brazilian, Indian or whatever. Just do u,be comfortable in ur own hair…and skin. Let the journey begin, I decided to go natural again when I came to the motherland, Kenya. Though I grew up in another land and I struggled to keep up with it, but it has helped me embrace who I am. I find it funny that we are judged my the dead cells sprouting out of our heads like grass, no weeds. That that dude gna hate on you cause you put a weave, that she gna point you out as a revolutionary cause of ur nappy hair. I encourage you not to care. Cause though your hair don’t fall straight, its not any less yours,though it does, doesn’t make u secure. No matter how you twist it, it can’t hide sadness even if you are bald you can display a multitude of happiness. Chin up hair down, or floating. Do you, come through and show the hatters that you are your own revolution. This was supposed to be a performance piece, but yeah. Here it is. 😊

stop looking for him

I spent hours and hours of this life
Searching for a partner
Someone told on to
Keep me hot in the summer
Warm in the winter
Down for whatever
In this ocean
Of emotions
I was sailing away

Sailing through pain
Cause that’s what all this searching brought me
All the scars could have been avoided
If I headed your warning
Dont awaken love before its ready
But I steady defied you
Went around believing the lie
That my environment told me
I was lied to
That I could search and find my soul mate
When all I had to do
All this time was wait

So here I am
Just sitting here
Waiting by default
Not running no more
Waiting now
To get caught
Or catch the ones eye
Not someone
The right one
Cause so often we settle
Yes we settle for less
Not knowing that the best is yet to come

That’s the reason for divorce
That Idea that changes our course
The stupidity to believe
That we understand ourselves
So much that we can find our other halves
But the fact remains
As black as black
That we can’t
So give it to God

The manufacturer knows
The expiry date
Its not too late
You need to wait
God knows your soul mate
He knows his name
He knows his qualities
He will give you what you need
And on that day
When you say your vowes
You will be happy that this is the one
And no matter what you went through to get there
God gave you him