Throwback: Virgin

Your value much more than rubies
From your lips comes wisdom of ages
Your eyes like doves my love
Your beauty never ending

Its not a matter of looks cause those will fade with age
Its not charm either, that’s full of deceit
Its your God given shine

With you I need no sun
You light up the room
With your smile

You are pure
The definition of a virgin
So clean
Yet no naiveté is in you
You know why you keep yourself holy

You know who who are
Imagine the audacity
Of someone who can say with confidence
This is who I am

Fearfully and wonderfully made
Yet they are all scared of you
You live by grace
Preserving yourself for God’s kingdom

Your special
While the world follows their lusts
You choose to take the difficult path
Imagine the scandal
Someone standing up for purity
For celibacy

Your mind has been transformed
To that of Jesus Christ
You think like Him
Walk in his foot steps
Hold his hand

The spotless bride
That He made worthy

Who wouldn’t die for u
Who can understand your complexity
Your depth
Layers upon layers
It takes a man of understanding to draw that out

Made righteous
Immeasurably beautiful
Intelligence of Daniel
After God’s heart like David
Charitable Dorcus
With the sacrifice of Mary
Delilah without deception
Add the bravery of Esther

All women sing your praises
They can’t even be jealous

You are everyone’s perfect daughter in law
Who are you
Is it possible
How do I become you
I want to


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