​Am i adult?

Or am i simply a stretched out adolescent

A character pretending to be someone im not

Or to quote a song

“Life is a screen play and i wasnt cast”

That is probably what everyone around my age is thinking. Im twenty-two by the way.
As a tweenager i thought that this “i need to find myself” stuff was BS, until i, well, needed to find myself. That wasnt until i was 17. Its been 5 years since then. And all i feel is older. I am not quite confused. Its more like i am in the most awkward transition ever. Ther worst kind of puberty… mental maturation.I know what i will become (more or less) and i have a vague idea of what i am (emphasis on vague). But the process inbetween is increadibly blury. 
I like clarity. I like tables, bullet points (i often speak in them) and math. I love math(i did, until it became irrelevant to my life) And sticky notes.
So you can see how frustrating this is for me. I have moved from a place of total apathy. Now i feel as if i am a concerned spectator, watching the years of my life pass by until i graduate, start working and full on “adulting” as the kids call it these days. (That was a joke, #oldsoil (kinda))
Everyone goes through this. And it will get better. Just thought i would band waggon with all the people that have been complaining about it. But im not complaining. I am resigned to my fate. Just puting this out there, cause its my right.

I still love you and welcome any advice.




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