Dear you

​I want you to know what you are getting into before you do anything
Im Ivy
Which according to google means faithful
And according to me means poisonous
You need to take care
I look sweet and silent
I taste sweeter
But rub me the wrong way and i am a venom so deadly
I course through your veins
Arteritis and venous stasis
Leaving your heart heavy till it bursts
And i leave
I will forget you
And you may never recover

Mutheu means pure
And i tried
Honestly i did
But i am a good girl.
I took some time in other people’s shoes
And found out that they stink
Dont get me wrong im not better than anyone
Ive obviously made some mistakes
And i own them
They made me who i am

This is heavy
It reminds me who i am
Where i came from
And who i want to be
But it also reminds me that i dont have to be like them
I need that reminder.

I want you to know that i will love you savagely.
Care for you relentlessly.
Treasure you.
Be yours fully
For every infinity we are given.



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