For you

​I wait for the day when i will look into your eyes and see into your soul. Beyond your many faces and the false truths you tell yourself and others. I want to know you biblically. Read every scripture on your face before you form the words on your lips.
You are my focus. No, you are not my everything but you are my inspiration. You are more than what i wanted. I need to discover every flavour in all your different layers. You are delectable. A tall glass at the depth of my imagination that i long to take in a sip at a time,for all time. A mystery that my senses are yet to get acquainted with. I miss your deep hypnotizing voice. You captured me. I am under your enchantment. Yet not under your control.

I fell in love with your mind. I have never met anyone so similar to my mirror. You complement me. It is as if God made us twin sould years apart, miles apart and knew we would meet at an exchange of vows. He knew that i needed to meet you. That i needed to believe you existed. And now that i do i am at peace.

We stopped talking. The sensations never go away. You never left. I want you to read this. And just like you knew you loved me that moment we met. I know i will love you forever. And we will meet once again and exchange our vows.

I love you always.


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