​There is something about lightening in a thunder storm

I love it.
Just the lightning.

The contrast of light on dark
The way the trees prickle through
Spider legs stretch out on the full moon sky

Just the visuals
A sudden spark in a sea of black
A revelation of what was hidden in the darkness
An epiphany
Suddenly my eyes can see more
Further than they ever have
These are storms on the ground.

And storms in the sky
Have an overwhelming beauty
Comfortable on a cusion of cloud
Complications commenced below me
Cotton as far as my eyes could see
The expanse stretched far and wide
With valleys and hills
Distortions of shapes and sizes
All made of tiny droplets of water
It birthed glowing rods of light
Thrown from one to another
And to the unseen ground below me

My words dont do justice to unfold the scene that was before me

I love lightning in thunder storms



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