What i will do.

​I want to dig 

Dig deep into your mind
Drown in your thoughts and never come up for air
I want to feel
Feel your arms around me as a consistent, constant, unrelenting remind that i am yours

I want to see you smile
Not so i can evaluate your dental formula
But so i can see your eyes shimmer
As your lips part and a song begins from your chin
As your face turns from mourning to dance
From sadness to love
From apathy to love
From confusion to love

Because i heard you say the words what feels like an eternity ago
I felt it was true, what must have been a lifetime ago
But now
Your silence confirms what i feared from the start.
No, you are not like the other guys
You are so much worse.

You made me fall in love with you in a matter of days
I pictured our loves together in a matter of months
And you stopped talking to me.
So in the end, after all that, it doesnt matter.

I am at peace, because i know we will work out. Its just a question of when. So here i am writting another poem that you will never see. Saying what i always say at the end of it.

I love you and i will never stop. Ill wait.



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