Lions, tigers, bears and love.

You scare me
So intense you might burn me to ashes
One look in your eyes
And i was like
What have i gotten myself into
I didnt know you could actually fall for someone
Untill i fell into your eyes that day
A deep brown
“Brown eyes are just brown eyes, until their not.”
I sunk into your soul
             A willing titanic
                 Intertwined with your thoughts
                     I found some missing
                        She took them
She can keep those
      Cause we have our own
          You did for me
            What no one else ever did
               And may never do

And im frightened
   That falling in love will never be like this
      No one will ever reach this standard
        Understanding comparisons are wrong
          You’re incomparable
              A figment of a figment

Id rather have lions, tigers and bears kind of love. Than live in the shadow of your missing words and unsaid thoughts.
It doesnt take away the fear.

Having only myself to blame
Only my thoughts to fall for.
I am content here.
In my mind palace.
This song inspired the poem above.

Number 3

​This is what it feels like

Tears are in my eyes
You love her so much
I dont know her
It hasnt even reached a point of envy for her

I got to know you
And in you i found
Intelligence so stimulating
I became sapiosexual
Craving conversations with you
Lusting for one more text
One more word

Its absurd
How i convinced myself that
Smoke was just smoke
I realized i was on fire a day ago
I decided to cool down

This is my relapse
At least i can still write about you.


​You affect me

And it pisses me off
I thought
No, i was sure that i was long past the stage of crushes
That feelings were things i couldnt catch anymore
Like i was immune
But you
Walk into the room and i swear there is a spot light on me
Ive never had stage fright but i know everyone knows that you are on my mind
I avoid looking at you at all costs
But i do love the sound of your voice
I dont like who you pretend to be
Wish you would just show yourself
But i guess you did
To her
And me?
I dont know.
God told me to keep quiet.
My thoughts are screaming
But ill keep silent
Distance he said
Im not lying
Ill miss you
But im tired of your kind
The charming
Taken kind
Im tired of the taken kind.

This has become my diary…

​I was fine before i met you.

I was okay knowing that there was only one one
That God wouldnt do this to me
Ive always hated multiple choice questions
Just when i think i have passed a test
Here comes another

You are breath taking
Ive never had anyone make it so difficult for me to write
Yet inspire me
I cant tell you how uncomfortable i feel right now.

I looked at you that day and i started thinking about lecrae.
He has a song about this
I didnt like being convicted by my favorite artist
So i processed into weirdness

And now that i know that thats not enough
It made everything worse
I dont know what to do

You helped me
Now im hurting