​Fruitless conversations polluting wholesome minds.

Words mean little when actions hide them.
What once was exciting becomes morbid fascination.
Words suggesting possibilities of unrealistic sitiations
Like if years ago by chance i met you
Something would have happened between us
If you were in that mindset and i was in that state of mind
If i was in this country and not that

Truth is you dont know what you do to me
How careless you are with the fruit of you lips
When i just want a bite.
You say your piece leaving me restless
How easily you lead me and leave me uneasy
Creating obscene scenes in my mental space
Taking power away from a decision i made

But its okay?
Cause the words wont ever turn into action right?

I am done with occupying my mind with you. So i have said to myself time and again. But i still have words and thoughts that i wish i didnt. All i can do is write until they fade away.



​It falls from the sky

Dances across each puddle
To its own rhythm
its on beat as it goes
If you listen closely
Its applauding its self as it increases
Each drop crowning itself as it enters the water
Rewarding itself for its extensive voyage
Breaking the stillness
Ripples unique forming figureprints
In it i see the hand of my God
Making himself know to me in the storm
Reigning in nature
In the torrential downpour
In the whisper of the winds
The falling of leaves
Changing of seasons
Laughter of children
Its in your voice
Its in this lense that He has given me
So i can see in more clarity
That He is everything

(c) 2017

Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.


​You tease me

Toy with me
When you’re bored with me
You leave me be

You draw me in
Hold me at arms length
Change your mind
And set me free

I didnt ask for attension
I dont care enough to need it now
I am half past tired
Quater past caring
And completely over it

When i go back
Ill be on my own
And ill be happy
Without you

My write

If this is true
I may have created multiple eternities
Where you will live forever
Because the love formed in me
Fueld me to form words
Verbs, nouns, adjectives
As i paved your way into immortality
With every alliteration and simile
I made you last longer than you did in reality
You never were mine

And again i wrote
As i often write of unrequited love
Of love screwed up by circumstance
Chance and choice
I am often the catalyst
Making the sparks die faster than they fly
Burning buildings down with my bricks
And i ask, why you are the one who lives forever?

Tell me
Who writes for the writers
The poets?
As i spill myself on the page
What are you doing?
Why do you live on
By my words
When they are mine?
As if i am your elixir
Your fountain of youth?
Your spring of life?

I will give life to you no longer
You will not thrive off my silence
My words are mine and my God’s
I read today that i am His poem
And i think its about time that i became eternal.



​I write most frequently when i am in love

In like
In lust
When im “in something”
Its when i am emotional thats when words pour out of me

I write when i must
On command
On demand
Then it drips from me
Like a leaking tap
Requires concentration
Requires focus
Requires silence

Otherwise i am silent
I dont want to force its

But i have been thinking i need to be more consistant
That inconsistancy is a sign of instability
I want to be stable
That stabilty is a product of reactions
Am i chemically unstable?
My reaction?

But i need to stop focusing on the time i have ahead of me
And try emptying myself into the time
Making use of my minutes
Instead of counting my seconds
So i will

Starting now.