My write

If this is true
I may have created multiple eternities
Where you will live forever
Because the love formed in me
Fueld me to form words
Verbs, nouns, adjectives
As i paved your way into immortality
With every alliteration and simile
I made you last longer than you did in reality
You never were mine

And again i wrote
As i often write of unrequited love
Of love screwed up by circumstance
Chance and choice
I am often the catalyst
Making the sparks die faster than they fly
Burning buildings down with my bricks
And i ask, why you are the one who lives forever?

Tell me
Who writes for the writers
The poets?
As i spill myself on the page
What are you doing?
Why do you live on
By my words
When they are mine?
As if i am your elixir
Your fountain of youth?
Your spring of life?

I will give life to you no longer
You will not thrive off my silence
My words are mine and my God’s
I read today that i am His poem
And i think its about time that i became eternal.



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