​Fruitless conversations polluting wholesome minds.

Words mean little when actions hide them.
What once was exciting becomes morbid fascination.
Words suggesting possibilities of unrealistic sitiations
Like if years ago by chance i met you
Something would have happened between us
If you were in that mindset and i was in that state of mind
If i was in this country and not that

Truth is you dont know what you do to me
How careless you are with the fruit of you lips
When i just want a bite.
You say your piece leaving me restless
How easily you lead me and leave me uneasy
Creating obscene scenes in my mental space
Taking power away from a decision i made

But its okay?
Cause the words wont ever turn into action right?

I am done with occupying my mind with you. So i have said to myself time and again. But i still have words and thoughts that i wish i didnt. All i can do is write until they fade away.


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