Understanding how to love

When i “textgramed” the picture above it was the 15th of April. I understood you. Didnt think i loved you.


Ink drips off your pen
Drops coalesce to form strokes
Strokes form letters
And letters a story
Stories you let escape from mind to hand
Hand to pen to paper
Tales you let me read later

Flow out of your mouth
I hear words
Prounounced with that thing
A sound of song only heard in your voice
A voice louder than the others
Our hearts percuss in tune
Your lips whisper sacred words
As your body plays my instrument
I sing freely
My sadness and lonely left for dead
Your words, your features fill my head

I am blind
Blind to worry
Blind to fear
My own doubts i can no longer hear
In your arms
I let
The ink of your words
Fill in every picture of forever in me
You paint by colours
And every colour


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