He seems so


Staring blankly at the pot of boiling stew

Staring into the food he makes

As he makes food I look at him



I think about him more than he knows

The skill he uses to do seemingly normal things

Holding that spoon

Spinning that knife

Smiling that its been a while since I’ve seen you smile



He makes me think home is a person

That looking at him is looking at me

Starring in our future



I’m not scared anymore

That’s one thing I’ve noticed

I am not afraid

I am filled

Filled with anger sometimes

Full of sadness most times

But full

Overflowing with love


Your singular focus

Focused on me

Focused on you

Eyes are what I first see when I see you


I want you to know

That this is real.

That I mean it when I say forever


See truth in me and don’t be afraid.