Happy World Poetry day: Part 4

Hey everyone. I hope you are keeping safe and practicing social and phsyical distancing. And quarantined if you are infected.

Stay strong.

The Artist I’m featuring today Jon Mwangi. He is a poet, singer and event organiser.

Here is his piece.

Just Mercy

I’m guilty from the moment I’m born, i’ve been a white man’s shadow for too long, the lion in me has been tamed, caged but still longing for air.

I’m not allowed to speak, when I’m pulled over the only thing I should do is put my hands on my dash board and make sure that the police is not threatened.

I have lived in fear, my consolation was not the stars, it was music, church and family.
Cause you were guilty not by evidence but by the way you looked.

I’m sorry, I guess my dark complexion is intimidating cause I’m only built for greatness cause I know you scared of me, the way I aim for the stars still pushing Luther’s dream, sad to say

I’m a customed to pain, greatness has been my daily struggle, I have concived it and the only thing I’ll give birth to is only black excellence cause i’ll moon walk myself out off this chains of oppression so call me Django Unchained

Keep being creative. Keep being hopeful.


Mutheu wa Sumbi

Happy World Poetry day part 2:

Hi everyone. The second poet I’m featuring is Slim Shaka. He is a writer and a spoken word artist.

Here is his intro.

My name is Slim Shaka.
I am a performance poet with the Evolution art hub; a network of artists committed to inspire positive Social, political and economic change through art and leadership.
I’ve performed at various poetry platforms; Poetry After Lunch, History vs His_story(1 and 2), Try my shoes, Anika forum… Just to list a few.
My poetry is grounded on bridging ancient and modern street philosophy in voicing the status quo. A learning process I seek to obediently achieve.”



I woke up in the lost world, 

The world of my dreams.

Tell the Quantum physicist. To travel the universe, I nolonger need his quantum foam. 

I figured,

My soul already did that. Long before I took the body form. I woke up in the lost world. The world of my dreams; when alkebulan was free of these boarders of segregation. The Azanian civilization blossomed from the land of Kush to South Afrika. The Indian ocean was still the Azanian sea & the Atlantic, the Ethiopian sea.

The Environment was overwhelmed by people meditating by the river side.

Nature spoke and humanity responded to the purity that understood the path to the source. I guess Divine words can only be as meaningful to those who understand it’s language.

You can never give lessons to a people never taught how to listen. So I listened.

I listened to the philosophy of Che. The only black man born white, the only white man who knew about rights. He showed the the love of being truthful, the truth in being loved. He said to me; Son, Your world is corrupted by selfishness & greed but don’t be like them.

Nature’s wrath is pure, not even the safest of them capitalists will survive… Death, has never missed it’s Target.

Stand tall & preach love & truth. You’ve got nothing to loose. Don’t bow to the self righteousness mental; one that uses fear to control the living, using food to control those in need of it, using amunition to control those who fear it but be those who heal the world through kindness. Ensure your generation respects life, because you are aware of where it comes from. Heal the world & go to extinction as a Noble species.

You are Mutambaruka, you are Midikizela. With freedom you live far beyond the heartbeat; Here, the dead don’t need oxygen to live. Just the inscription from the author of life saying; Live! 

And che went away.

Then I listened. I listened some more to the chants from the trees & there I found the Egyptian Queen, Nefertiti. She looked at me, smiled and said; 

Slim Shaka, 

Your words can save humanity. Let your letters maintain the formula. Sons of the Legendary black Queen Tiye. May the awareness of who you are Grant you wisdom to seek Divine consciousness and not social conformity so when you pay those taxes, ensure the money doesn’t leave with your dignity. Least you sacrifice your humanity for their debts. 

You should know, Their economy hates vacuum.

But to be truly free is to be able to think & reflect in your society that only approves those who repeat what they are taught without question;

 The government is always right, no question.

My religion is perfectly right, no question.

I am always right, no question?

Well here in Alkebulan the truth attracts criticism. It’s the only way it becomes affirmative how come yours doesn’t?

And the Queen went away.

At this point I realized, all this time I’ve been blinded by expectations. Never really seen the world for what it is. The selfishness & the greed that I’ve always hated has always been part of me.

A self destructive conformist. Honest to the world but never honest to self,

Seeking freedom for the world but never quite known freedom myself. The beauty of my mask only works from within; it’s difficult to admit, how then can I face it?

Trying to balance who I am & who I should be got me sleep walking in a dream that is this perfect reality. Will I ever get it right? Will I ever retrace my path to the Divine vision of my ancestors?

Will the value of my history worth much more than just the ephemeral amusement from the past?

Oh God, I woke up in the lost world.

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Mutheu wa Sumbi


Hi everyone, in celebration of this year’s world poetry day, I will be featuring some of my favorite poets and their works.

To start, I’d like to introduce you to Nuru Rufo.

Thank you darling for honoring me with your words.

Be prepared for more impactful poems.


Mutheu wa Sumbi

Did you know?

How massive of a universe you are. How you are in within, out without, up down and around. Inside outside. God, you are metal, wood, coal and stone, you are element, body, wind and soul. You are memory, foundation, feeling, sorrow.

You are sad, sensitive, sensual and sexy. You bulldozer of a being. You fleck of stardust. You pumkinspice everything.

You deep red and deep blue.

You fire, ice and light.

You earth.

You unstable periodic table.

You bipolar.

You bisexual.


You bicycle.

Hi, my name is Ivy Sumbi. I like going outside and when I can’t feel the sun’s heat on my body, I shine from within myself.

Yours spunkily

Mutheu wa Sumbi.