Five, honestly.

Being honest with myself, with you, in prayer is always something I have been glad to do.

The relief of telling someone all that is and might be going on within me is a treasure few know of.

I am glad that you’re the kind of friend that listens without saying a word.

And no sounds that indicate you hear me when all you want to do is reply.

You are honestly my best friend. By that I mean that you are always there, constant.

Even when I wish you would leave and let me drown in this, you stay.

Right there, a sort of silent assurance than lonely is never permanent and happy is always something I can come back to.

Honesty with you make me want to be true with all others.

You make me brave. You still my heart. You focus my mind and calm my being.

This is a little written prayer to say I am grateful.

That is all.


Growth (1): End of quote week.

I saw this picture about a year ago. And if i look at what i have achieved since then i am astonished. Words are magic if you let them change you.

I believe that no matter who you are or what you believe in you were made for a reason. I have discovered my purpose, my reason for living.

Its to help people with poetry. Its to help people heal and heal myself with words. To use all i have and all i am to create joy.

 I hope i have helped you, inspired you and encouraged you in some way so far. Or at least helped you to know you’re not alone.

And your not.

Pain has many faces and many names.

You won’t always have someone to talk to. But you will have my blog to read when you need it.
Lots of love


Different (1)

When someone tells you to reach for the stars.
Will you?
Whose shoulders will you sit on to catch the moon
Whose smile will you ride on?
Or will you sail to the end of the earth on a sea of tears and jump to catch your dreams with fear as your parachute?

They say you wont go far
How unrealistic?
How unusual?
You want to be a what?
Oh…thats just a hobby
Its just a pass time
You will grow out of it
Tell me, can you grow out your skin?
Shed your opinions?
Can you step out from the box of your mind on to the glass ceiling of possibilities?
And scream without fearing it will shatter?
No matter
I will not be talked down from my mountain top.
I refuse to be defined by these boundaries you set.
These clear lines do not light my path.

I have come to realize that the earth is flat
As flat as coke left out too long
Deflated by pointed opinions
People pointing fingers
And so you got off your mountain
She got off hers
He got of his
No one is willing to reach out anymore
To reach up any more
To jump to heights never before reached.
And to jump down
With their insecurities as their safety net
And fear as their parachute.

What is happiness?

This morning a song popped into my head. From waaay back in them sunday school days.

Happiness is to know the saviour 

Living a life within His favour

Takinh a trip that leads to heaven 

Happiness is the Lord

Happiness is to be forgiven

Living a life thats worth the living

Taking a trip that leads to heaven

Happiness is the Lord

Indeed… Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Its going to be a great day.

Lots of love