Nostalgia got me caught in the rain yesterday. I got off at Kenyatta Hospital and was walking through the compound and the halls. It all came back to me. You came back to me.



First draft

I want you
Its like a constant ache
The sadness i felt when you took that call had me thinking i can’t do this anymore.
Tears began to form in my eyes.

I want you
Its like a primal need.
More than attraction.
A step beyond fondness.
Your warmth, like a soft glow from the radiant sun on a cold winters day.
Your kiss
A sweet serenade i have become accustomed to, but it still gets me excited.

The feel of your beard on my face and skin.
A soft tickle, brush bristles on the canvas of my soul.
You make me feel wanted
Your hand protecting me as we cross the road.
Lingering behind when i follow.
Your strong shoulder always there for me to lean on.
Your smile
The way your eyes decrease in size.
As if to make room for it.
And what makes you happy is beyond what is seen.
Your laugh…

You looked so handsome today
Shirt and tie
Formal wear
Turning me on like…
I don’t know
I wanted to get you alone

Seeing you with patients
And in that labcoat…

I should have stayed
But i didnt want you to see that side of me
This madness that ensues when im in this mood
And all my emotions motion me into gloom

You can’t see all of me
You can’t feel all of me
You may not want anymore
Or worse still, you may

You gestured to the word love on that sign
I that you too
You say you like me
I like you too, i really do

Lol….sooo….as you can see i have been this dramatic for a while 😆
I hope you also see i’ve improved as a writer.
I hope to keep getting better.

Lots of love
Forever the romantic.



Relearning (1):Dreams

I close my eyes and i think
Of all things i dreamt of as a kid.
The things i swore i knew were posssible in my mind. The things that only childhood brings.

The thing is…
Im not a child anymore.
Flying dreams became falling dreams became dreams of falling in love became the reality of heartbreak.
The monsters in my nightmares are now the monsters in my life.
Ghouls and goblins wave at me in the streets of this big city.
And i cant seem to catch a break. Or a breath. Or hope. Or my dreams.

They are like a double edged sword. Giving you hope initially and despair when unfulfilled.
They are illusive sleep to the insomniac. They tease you and leave you lonely.
Flirt with you and leave you horny
They bait you, leave you wanting.
They break you.
So im left running.

Dreams are for children.
They are the kryptonite to my adulthood.
They hold onto me like regret
Now i cant stop having them.

I will swallow the bitter with the sweet.
And i will learn how to fly again.